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34th Annual Asian Festival, 2014.

The Wichita Asian Association will present its 34th Annual Asian Festival on Saturday, Oct 25th from 5:30 to 10:00 P.M., at Century II, Convention Hall. This is an opportunity to enjoy entertainment and experience cultural enrichment.


Cultural Events: Dances, songs and martial arts from various Asian countries. There are going to be about 18 to 20 of these stage presentations.
Miss Asian Festival Scholarship Pageant: Participants from about 10 countries will participate in this pageant. They will present their talent show in addition to being interviewed.
Special Events: Calligraphy, hand and face decoration and other unique activities are likely to take place.


About 40 food booths representing about 12 countries and 5 art, jewelry, garments and display booths will be set up. This is the only time and place in Wichita festival goers will get an opportunity to taste authentic and exotic Asian food from different Asian countries under one roof.

Expanded booths in Exhibition Hall is enabling to present more number and variety. Some excellent art and jewelry booths are going to be there.


There is no admission charge. However, cash donations will be appreciated. Food and merchandise are for sale.


This annual event is getting increasingly popular each year. About 6,000 people walk through the festival. This event is supported by (a) advertisers in the program which will be given out at the entrance, (b) sponsorships and grants from mentor (c) booth charges and (d) donations from benevolent community members. To the best of our knowledge no other city in the neighboring states presents such a colorful and enriching festival. We are glad that we are able to help youth clubs and other related organizations to raise funds for their activities through food booths.

Reasons For Attending

This is the only event under one roof festival goers can witness a variety of cultural and artistic events of about 15 Asian countries. Most of these Asian countries have a unique way of dressing. Some of the Asian countries have special artistic attributes such as hand painting (Hana), face decoration etc. All this can be seen and enjoy.

This is a family event. Children particularly enjoy the events presented in this festival.
This could be a project for Boys Scouts.
Most of the food that is sold is authentic. In some booths people can see the food preparation from scratch.
Thus in many ways this is a unique event.


In 2008 the Annual Asian Festival received the prestigious Special Project Award given each year by the Arts Council.
On October 19th 2010, the Mayor made a proclamation that the 30th October is Asian Festival Day.

The Purpose Of Presenting This Festival Is Several Folds
For the Asians to watch and enjoy the programs from their countries which will bring back nostalgic feelings. This festival also has enormous recreational value.
To present and educate about Asian art and culture and culinary art to the community at large. In a diverse community like Wichita, understanding of various cultures is important to promote harmony and peace.
Provide an opportunity for Asian youth and adults to showcase their talent and express their artistic feelings.
The fact that this festival has sustained for 31 years and growing is a testimony of it’s value and popularity.
By setting up booths this festival is enabling many student and religious organizations to raise funds for their associations.
This event, with it’s unique flavor is one of the jewels of the cultural calendar of Wichita. But it comes with a price. It costs about $17,000 to present it. That is a significant amount of money for this small organization. However, the longevity of this festival is a testimony of it’s high quality.
Your donations will greatly be appreciated.

For additional information please contact Mohan Kambampati, Coordinator, at 316-689-8729 or e-mail: